COGO Events London


In these uncertain times, we have tried to make our policy as simple as possible.


Any event that is cancelled, your tickets will automatically be refunded.


Any event that is postponed due to covid, your tickets will automatically be valid for the rescheduled date. If you cannot make it, or no longer wish to attend, request your refund from the point of purchase.

Future events:

Events that are listed are still on sale. You can continue to buy tickets for these events as they are covered by our COGO ticket guarantee.

COGO ticket guarantee:

We will always refund the face value of your tickets in the event of cancellation due to covid. Tickets for postponed events will be automatically transferred to the new date - refunds will be issued on request if you are unable to attend the rescheduled date. Booking fees are generally non-refundable and will be determined by the ticket agent you have purchased from.

With our policy, you can always buy from us in confidence.

Below you can find the status of all events, this is being updated as things develop.

Date Event Venue Status Ticket Status
17th December 2021 Gorgon City Printworks Postponed Tickets transferred to rescheduled date – 11th March 2022